Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Intro to me

The last few months have been real crazy. Its really a struggle to start something and flow with it. I have been back and forth with this music thing. I really do have my heart in it but its like every one wants to be a rapper now a days. I have been rapping since I was in Jr. High. At lunch time we would bang on tables and freestyle. I would always imitated Jadakiss's laugh in a freestyle, because at the time I felt like Kiss was the shit and I wanted to be just like him. I would jot down various bars in little note books all around my house not full songs but little bars to give my freestyle an edge. Some were quite cleaver I think, cause every time I freestyle people would be like "thats not you" or "who wrote that for you."It kinda pissed me off when people said that but it also flattered me. So years pass (2005-2006) and around this time I been sent to placement to placement cause I was always fuckin up in school and always going through shit with my Mom. It was a point in time when I would write lyric down and they would sound so dark I hated the whole world. At the end of 2005 I lost the only 2 people that ever listened to me, my grandfather Thomas "Pop Pop" Patterson and the first dog I ever had, Coco. When they were gone its like I became a new person. I didn't care about shit anymore My attitude was asshole and I didn't give a fuck about shit. I'm slowly getting my shit together and I also have new songs on the way. Stay tuned and thanks for the support